• 2016: From 2 to 6 november, during the Art Week of Turin, I have presented my project “The Will to fly” at Paratissima XII. Link “Learning to fly” Paratissima 2016 
  •  2017: From  February 18 to March 4 my work “Tierra madre“(2015) has been exhibited at MIIT  museum in Turin. Link Exhibition 
  • 2017: My work  “Ritratto in bianco e nero – Mattino“(2017) was exhibited at Imagoars Gallery in Venice from March 5 to 19 (Link Exhibition ). It was one of the 12 works selected to partecipate at this exhibition.
  • 2017: Form 1 to 5 November, my project “Ritratti senz’anima” was presented at the NoPhoto section of Paratissima XIII during the Turin’s Art Week.
  • 24 November- 21 January 2018: “Ritratti senz’anima” as finalist of the Premio Mauto will be exhibited in the MAUTO Museum of Turin together with the 30 best artworks of Paratissima XII/XIII.


  • From 18 to 27 November 2017:  Bi-personal in Catania (Sicily) by Sala Messina (Giarre). I was selected together with Alexi Paladino by Artisti Italiani- arti visive e promozioni among the participants in the Celeste Prize 2017. Link




  • Malamegi Lab7: First prize Malamegi new collection
    Montserrat Diaz – ITA – digital:
    “The creation of the Malamegi new collection was assigned to Montserrat Diaz for the charm and the expressive strength of her works. The snap on display, as well as the artist’s production, contains grace, expressiveness and originality, that can be appreciated well by the Malamegi’s commercial network.”
  • My work “Il paese delle meraviglie (Wonderland)” was chosen as testimonial for G@P at Paratissima. Paratissima 2017
  • Premio Mauto: my project “Ritratti senz’anima” was one of the three finalist for the Premio MAUTO, so from 24 November 2017 to 21 January 2018 will be exhibited in the Mauto Museum of Turin.
  • Premio Bonetti for my project “Ritratti senz’anima”.


Fuori Asse, cooperativa letteraria. Rivista online di letteratura

Contrast Gallery– Vision, web magazine by Annalisa Ceolin. 5/5/2015

Malamegi- A marzo 2017 vince il primo premio in un concorso indetto da Malamegi, consistente un contratto di lavoro e collaborazione per il nuovo catalogo della dita.